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Return/ Refund


We do provide return guarantee for products prepared by us, however, go through our return/refund policy for avoiding any confusion later.


Mistake in address


In case of any mistake made by our team while sending a shipment like mentioning a wrong address, we are accountable for all charges of shipping and product and we will send you the new product the same working day, once a mistake has been spotted.

If you have made any mistake in telling us your address, you are responsible for the shipment and new product cost. It is customer responsibility to check the address twice before making the purchase to avoid such an incident.


Damaged product


In case you get damaged the product or any damage is made during the shipment, the customer is able to get the amount back or he can claim replacement product. We do like to be get notified of the event as quickly as possible. Once you will contact us, after the specific event we might ask for the detail of the damage or the picture, however, if we are not notified of the event within 30 working days, we might not be able to make a replacement.


Order changes 


If you have changed your mind about the product or if you are interested in ordering another item from us, you are required to make us aware of the decision before shipment has been sent. Usually, in-stock products are sent within 48 hours after placing an order, therefore we advise you to send us an email on the same working day or call us so that we can cancel the order. In case shipment has been made, and you are late in telling us or making up your mind, we are not responsible for returning any cost.


Refused packages


To provide complete satisfaction to our customers, we do have refused policy for you as well. In the case of arrival, you may not like the product or if it is not as you imagined, you are able to get your payment back. This does require shipment charges being incurred on your behalf as well as any returning amount. 


Out of stock


Generally we keep our product pages updated and maintain the optimum amount of inventory in our stores, still in case you order an item which is not available in our store or it does require time to arrive at us, we would let you know about it in 24 hours. If you need any replacement merchandise, we would provide you a discount or if you are interested to do so, you are always able to claim your payment back.