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Product Details

Brand: Salt Gems

SKU: 108

Barcode: 855117007080

Item Weight: 5.7 pounds

Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 7.5 x 5 inches​

Material: Crystal, Salt Wood​

Shade Color: Hues of Pink and Orange​

100% REAL HIMALAYAN SALT: Hand Carved Real Himalayan Crystal Salt In its Own Unique Natural Shape On Wood Base, Each lamp is unique, may vary in shape size and color​​

AIR PURIFIER: Recommended To Reduce Dust, Pollen, and Cigarette Smoke, Among Other Elements From The Air. Ideal To Alleviate Allergy And Asthma Symptoms

SOOTHING EFFECT: Naturally beautiful when off; pleasant and relaxing amber light once lit. Wonderful as mood lighting

SOLID WOODEN BASE: Appropriately sized per crystal size. Durable, shrink-resistant, termite-resistant, crack-resistant, corrosion-resistant​



Probably these days, we are mostly surrounded by positive ions in our home, office, and places which we visit for entertainment or relaxation purpose, and these ions are generated by equipment in use, however, Natural crystal salt lamp is well known for creating balance in the air through producing negative ions and therefore creating balance in the air. The light emitted from these natural lamps is not only beautiful; in fact, emission of negative ions from it does ensure reduced asthma symptoms and therefore boosting good health.

Sleeping problems are so common these days due to extremely high workload in the office, the burden of achieving the targets, depression and stress resulting from any consequences and disturbed sleep during pregnancy. it has been seen for many that use of Himalayan salt lamps has reduced down the problem and the dim and soft lighting, the emit is seen to help in taking uninterrupted sleep for many. 

If you are looking something unique and innovative for your house, whether you are decorating it the first time or if you are renovating the place, natural crystal salt lamp, can definitely be the best addition to the place. They are not only distinct in shape, in fact, but their amazing health benefits also make them favorite of all. 

Why buying natural crystal salt lamp over others

  • They do enhance the value of your place over simple lamps, as they are not seen everywhere and they come in varying shapes.

  • Natural products are preferred over artificial, as they consume less manufacturing process and therefore they are environmentally friendly.

  • They consume less power and therefore fewer electricity bills and salt lamps are cost effective than lamps available in the market.

  • No tricky part or machinery is involved and replacement bulbs are available easily, therefore your salt lamps keep working.

  • They are beautiful, amazing and affordable for all.

Why choosing us?

There are other companies as well, who are manufacturing and selling these lamps, however, we ensure our customers that we do not compromise over quality and therefore providing you salt lamps, you desire for. Go through our complete range of salt lamps to select the most exciting and amazing one, for your place.