We are among some leading suppliers and manufacturers of Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps and this pure and natural masterpiece is manufactured from original and natural salt chunks taken from Himalayan mines.

These salt lamps which are now popular worldwide as found to be distinct and innovative from rest and with ability to purifying air was introduced in market by some rare individuals and among these were our forefathers, who contributed for providing these environmental friendly natural lamps globally.

Our Salt Lamps are not only purposely built for impressive decor, in fact for providing you highest quality crystal masterpiece, some of which last for years and decades, raw material stones are actually taken from mines and hand excavated from local people in Asian region, who are specialist and experienced in maintaining natural beauty of the stones along giving them desired shape. Being leading manufacturers, we ensure only natural process of extraction and preparation, to keep them environmental friendly and providing you the salt lamps, which are beneficial.

Our efficient team is continuous working for providing you New Models And Lamps with different shapes and sizes which is ensured through natural variance in these stones, when taken from their origin source. With every passing day, we are coming up with sat lamps and candle stands, which can fit well with interior of every place.

Being the oldest and leading distributes, we ensure extensive range of salt lamps availability, through understanding the importance of balanced positive and negative ions in the air, everywhere. Lamps in numerous, sizes and shapes, ensure, these classic lamps can be part of office, residential homes, restaurants, meditations places, spas and for display centers. Whether you are looking for an air purifier, or if you need lamps for creating romantic mood, we have all sorts of lamps available.

We are providing these lamps worldwide, not compromising over the size of order. Whether our clients need small number of lamps for one room or if they are placing mass order of hundreds of lamp, they will never feel the difference in the quality of these lamps, as we care for each single piece of lamp.

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